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About us

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" What runs through my veins is diversity. "

Zoya designer, co-founder

L’Atelier Montsouris offers exclusive home accessories and tableware for open-minded people who love exploring themselves as well as the diversity of the world.

Zoya Palike has always been surrounded by many cultures. She quickly became fascinated by travel and art. When she arrived in Russia as a child, and then in France, the discovery continued. Introduced to art by her mother, she developed her creativity, still lulled by the African tales of her childhood and by her travels.

Boutique Atelier Montsouris Interieur Avec Tapis

Her passion for aesthetic and practical objects took shape with the creation of her own brand in her workshop. Little by little, the brand Atelier Montsouris came to life. The idea is to offer quality, handmade objects, with the help of craftsmen who possess ancestral know-how. Inspired by her experiences in different countries and by ancestral art and know-how, the designer began to create her own designs.

She creates objects that are both sophisticated and functional, with that characteristic imprint that pays tribute to diversity, sensuality and aestheticism. Each objects invites you to add a timeless beauty into your interior.

The Atelier Montsouris brand is the result of years of experience, travel and dreams.

 «I do believe that aesthetics in interior improves the quality of life for those people who stay there. It affects everyone in the room, that’s why I’m designing the items with a strong intention. I want to share my Universe through my creations for home.»

 Zoya designer, co-founder