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"Atelier Montsouris' items are objects for the home, for individuals to explore themselves, the world and diversity."

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Atelier Montsouris

A cosmopolitan brand

As a brand, Atelier Montsouris is about authenticity, elegance and joy. «When I was very young, I enjoyed being to places where the special atmosphere was created with accessories and decor. I was attracted to spaces where a selection of plants, objects and patterns were creating the environment conducive to escape. As a dreamy little girl, I enjoyed traveling like Alice through the mirrors in these places.» Being able to dream like a little girl, now with her experience she is artfully bringing these worlds to life. With a combination of cultural experiences, passion and high quality materials Zoya is creating the objects and patterns that will match your interior. 

“My goal? To foster a sense of reverie and escape through my designs.” 


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