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About us

Atelier Montsouris, more than a brand, a story

Atelier Montsouris offers decorative and tableware items for people exploring themselves, the world and diversity.

"I firmly believe that an object designed and created with the intention of improving the aesthetic quality of its environment, is an object that will bring benefits to everyday life. I wish to transmit and share my universe through my creations for the home."

— Zoya designer, co-fonder—
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"What runs through my veins is diversity."

The creator of the brand, Zoya Palike, of Russian and African origin, defines herself as a crossbreed of opposing cultures, but one in which she has found harmony.
Born in Bangui to two parents from different backgrounds, it was the encounters and the evenings spent by the fireside during her childhood that made her understand one thing: transmission is at the heart of everything! Zoya draws her inspiration from her life path, her encounters and her travels.
After eight years in the Central African Republic, immersed in a very cosmopolitan environment, she moved to Russia with her mother.
Thanks to her family and in particular her grandmother, she was immersed in a culture where popular folklore was very present.
This period was marked by the discovery of Russian culture through manual work such as embroidery, knitting and plastic art in general.

A word from the creator of the Atelier Montsouris

The Atelier Montsouris brand is defined as a colourful, joyful but always elegant brand.
Zoya Palike, the creator of the Atelier Montsouris brand is a cosmopolitan designer, who draws her inspiration from all over the world.
“When I was very young, I enjoyed being in places where there was a special atmosphere, due to the decoration of the place. It could be a waiting room, the lobby of a hotel or in the living room of my parent’s friends.
For her, creating is a way of transmitting a singular and passionate imaginary world.

A passion for craftsmanship and aesthetics

Ten years later, a new country welcomed him: France. This was an opportunity to discover French elegance.
Zoya discovered a passion for art history, photography and the know-how that has lasted through the ages. Her attention to detail and the choice of noble materials was confirmed.
But it was not until 2016 that she realised her dream of creating her first decorative objects for the home, using Moroccan craft skills.
In 2018, Zoya founded her brand Atelier Montsouris and offers her creations in her shop in Paris.
Zoya is constantly guided by her attraction for decoration and beautiful things. The different cultures she grew up in are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her creations. 

“I was attracted to spaces where a selection of plants, objects and patterns created an environment conducive to escape. As a dreamy little girl, I enjoyed travelling like Alice through the looking glass in these places.” 
Today, with her experiences behind her, she can finally build these worlds. Plunged into the realization of patterns or the drawing of the lines of an object, she still dreams.
Mixing her multiple cultural influences with her travel memories, Zoya seeks to create the objects and patterns that will match your interior.
“My goal? To foster a sense of reverie and escape through my designs.” 

Our designs

Objects that reflect my values

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Timeless curves and careful designs define the vases in the Black & White collection. 

“I wanted to make a collection that expresses my origins.”

The black vases were made with red clay and then literally smoked in the kiln at a very high temperature, which gives this beautiful dark shade. The white vases were made with white clay.

The collection contains both white and black elements, the design is the same. Put them together to form a real harmony in your room! 

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The patterns always tell something, the shapes and colours always echo a thought or a memory for those who take the time to observe them. 

“My patterns and designs are an expression of my joy and passion for life. I love colour, I love scenery and patterns that are full of elements. I find my inspiration in Russian folklore, African fabrics, the art deco era and my travels through South East Asia.”

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Fascinated by natural materials, Zoya favours noble species to shape her wooden cutlery and articles. 
Wood is a living and warm material that brings life to a kitchen, to a tableware, to a nicely laid table. Well worked, it becomes sensual to the touch and decorative as desired. 

“The Moroccan craftsman with whom I have been working for several years shapes each object by hand with particular attention to the finish.

For wooden objects, Zoya uses lemon, almond and walnut, which have a good resistance and a beautiful appearance.